sweet mondays exists!

July 24, 2017

I've been trying to look at Mondays in a sweet and better light, rather than a drag.  I took last Friday off, and knew coming in the office this morning would be tons of emails and projects to catch up and complete.  My Mondays are tiresome, and somewhat restless but I changed today's routine by saving a box of macarons to indulge after work, and held off on G.O.T. yesterday to watch this evening..  IT WAS WORTH IT.

My talented cousin Leanna Denise had her birthday last Monday.  I knew her sister was going to surprise her with a little "baking day", so I picked up a few little details that can make her Monday birthday a littler more sweeter ;)

One of her favorite shows is PBS Great British Baking Show, I wanted to get a few things that will complete her cake(s).  I gifted her a checkered almost like gingham apron (that would go with any vintage/thrifted dress she's wearing), and got her candles so whatever Leanna ends up baking the candles can top it off and make it even more special and festive!

I love how simple and colorful Meri Meri's candles are so I picked two different ones that would compliment one another.  For little touches, I have little blank matches that I keep on hand and wrap with washi tape to match the gift/theme which went with the goodies I picked out!   Can we just drool over her cake that she baked?!  It looks darling, delicious, and well made, cheers Leanna!

How do you make your Mondays sweet?

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