dedicated to the one i love.

November 09, 2017

To start off, this will probably be one of my most personal posts thus far and might I add one of the mushiest like mash potatoes so beware!

Today marks the 3 years of love to the man I adore and love Mike.  I remember spending our one year anniversary together in Joshua Tree, showing a side of myself that I was nervous he would view me differently, little did I know it only brought us closer together.  Our 2nd year anniversary was "the next step" as we flew to his childhood town (M lived in TX during middle school, high school, and college) in Texas, we spent time exploring, eating, and spending quality time with his family.  This year we are celebrating low key as i'm prepping for the Holidays and currently "adulting" means saving money.  We'll be spending a day this weekend celebrating love and of course continuing our tradition.

No relationship is perfect and trust me, this relationship is work.  If you already don't know M and I have the same exact birthday (born on different years) which means we're both taurus, which equals to both of us being stubborn!  Our personalities are very similar, but since I'm aware of our behavior I always communicate, give space, and build patience.  Even at 3 years, we're still learning so much about one another, but the most important thing is that we're growing together and communicating to one another.

Here's the mushy part now..

M is the only man i've cried so many happy tears to and for, I'm so proud to say that.  At this time and age, times get tough but having someone to go through all this makes life golden.  M understands what I'm focused on, and what my goals are so he does everything in his might to support that (c'mon he even bought me the macbook i'm typing on so I can blog often! *emoji crying face here*).

We both have our goals individually and together and with that being said there is no rush.  I believe in building a foundation of love for years and years (i'm hoping those years include puppies and german shepards hehe).  I forever admire his good looks ;), knowledge, and intelligence that conversations with him never get old.

Even though we're laying low this year, I plan to cook him his favorite meal tonight and I did buy a little gift for him while I was in San Diego this past weekend.  I seriously cannot wait to spend many more years with this man.  I'm so thankful and full of love. :')

Happy Anniversary to my forever love.

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