christmas at home.

December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas!

Currently in my Christmas pajamas drinking coffee, playing Christmas records, as M cooks a main dish to bring to my Mom's for our yearly Christmas luncheon.  I told M this morning I never want to take the tree down, we usually use this tree, but this year we were given a full size tree (thank you to M's brother & sister in law!).  I'll be sharing later this week how I made the garland, also will be posting our yearly tradition.

{see our yearly traditions here and here}

{festive christmas cards that were given from friends & co-workers}

As for color scheme for my Holiday decor I just had to go with the flow, I wanted rose gold, silver, and ivory hues, but seriously  how could I cut off red and green?! That's too difficult so I just went with it and it actually turned out great. I told everyone this year to not get me any owl decor as I have so much already from previous Holidays, so I used what I had.  I also left over felt after decorating the tree, so I made a little garland to hang above the stockings which was the perfect amount.

{our first holiday card together}

{bought Christmas records at the thrift store that are now on repeat, it was .25 ea!}

Since having a bigger tree this year the only items I bought for this years Christmas decor was the ball ornaments that we got on sale during black friday, along with the material for the garland which was all from Michaels which was all under $30.00 all together! Is it wrong that I have ideas for next years decor already?!

I hope you, your family and loved ones have a great Christmas and a healthy New Year.  This is the 3rd Christmas I've spend with M, I can't wait for many more to come as well as new adventures and journeys.

Cheers! XO

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