diy felt garland.

December 27, 2017

After Thanksgiving I was thinking of different garland/bunting ideas to craft up since M and myself were getting a bigger tree this year :).  Before thinking of ornaments I wanted to craft up garland, after all it's cost efficient and easy to make.  I googled/pinterest to gain inspiration and I came across Tell Love & Party's blog on her take on felt garland.  The new tree we were given has little hints of white speckled towards the ends and helped our tree look less "faux".  By adding in the garland to the tree it would enhance the look along with filling in space and gaps making it look a little realistic vs. "plastic/fake" looking.

Crafting this was very simple, you would only need: felt, twine, and scissors to make this garland.  On the original blog it has multiple colors and it totally has an Anthropologie feel, which is a staple look I always go with.  I decided against multi color felt, I wanted to use a universal color that can match with any theme I go with for future Holidays.  At Hobby Lobby I had 3 yards of Ivory felt cut up which worked out perfectly and costs under $4 (with a 40% coupon of course!).

M helped me cut the felt into strips as I tie the felt strips to the twine.  It took a few days to complete the whole wrap around of the garland on the tree..  I had a little left over so I created a little bunting to place on top of our stockings which tied in the Christmas decor all together.

I'm thinking of lessening the Christmas decorations and adding gold accents in to ring in the New Year.  Ivory and Gold sure do look good together don't you agree?

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