wednesday wrapping: christmas presents.

December 20, 2017

Hope everyone has their Christmas Tree up and is focusing this week on finishing up Christmas Shopping and wrapping up gifts (if you're done I applaud you!).  Since I usually share my Wednesday Wrappings, it would have to be mandatory to share some of the wrappings I did this Holiday Season.  

For this year I kept it simple and actually used Wrapping Paper with bold patterns and patterned ribbon! Usually I do craft paper wrapping or settle patters, but this year I was feeling a little more festive.  This year, I also did not use any hand stamping as I wrote all my gift tags by hand with the help of fine tip sharpie pens!

I brought these gifts over to my cousin's house last week as the girls and I did a gift exchange.  My cousins Christmas tree looked so perfect with the gifts I wrapped up I had to take a few photos to share here!  The wrapping paper was from Sam's Club and as you can see it's reversible.  The fabric wire ribbon is from Costco in which I purchased 2 years ago and barely got to using it now.

I'm about half way done with wrapping gifts and since it's the coldest day of the week, I have some soup slow cooking at the moment which gives me more time to wrap this evening.  98% of my gifts are wrapped up with wrapping paper, gift bags are rarely used but i'll probably have 2-3 in them.  I'll be finishing up my shopping tomorrow and hopefully before this weekend I won't have to worry about gifts I can just focus on spending time with family and loved ones!

Do you still have a lot to do before Christmas Eve/Christmas?
Just a few days away darlings!

See my Christmas wrappings from 2015 here, and last years here.

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