snail mail mondays: non gluten-free

March 26, 2018

Happy Monday!

The past few weeks have been insanely busy and I don't recall a day where I just hung out at home and had a lazy Sunday (or day in general!).  Even though it's been crazy, I always try my best to send out snail mail each week so I can keep up with "Snail Mail Mondays".

A few weeks ago I had brunch with a friend in Palm Springs.  We ate at this amazing place, and he had explained to me that he's on the "whole 30" challenge.  I told him after that whole 30 would he still continue, he expressed heavily he wouldn't LOL.  So I thought sending this card was perfect with a pinch of humor.

Recently, I've been crafting up cards and putting together paper goods to send out to recently new  penpals I received!  Weekly trips to my PO BOX have now been exciting cause i'll never know what to expect!  On top of having penpals, I've recently became a member of the L.W.A. (Letter Writers Alliance).  Having this childhood hobby now that i'm older is so much fun and gives me more reason to craft and more to share here :)

Do you still send out snail mail?

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