cake topper tuesday.

August 07, 2018

Since yesterday's post was about the stationary goods that I collect & share w/ others :), I wanted to even out the posts and share some crafting that i've done during my little "hiatus".  Back in July, I celebrated one of my close cousin's birthday at a tea room and wanted to craft a few little things.. With some research and referrals I went to the best asian bakery, and picked up the signature strawberry & cream cake.  I wanted to keep the top of the cake bare- without writing as I wanted to craft up a cake topper to fit the occasion!

I matched up the washi tape that I used with a pre-made card I had on hand.  The happy birthday stenciling on craft paper was from my cricut!  Since I knew we were doing afternoon tea for her birthday, I wanted to keep the color scheme pastel so yellow & pink worked so perfect! I brought this cake stand to the tearoom and wrapped up fabric ribbon bows on anything I could!  It turned out so well!  I'll be sharing later this week or next week of the simple place cards I made!

How do you like to decorate the tops of cakes/cupcakes??

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