wednesday (simple) wrappings.

September 05, 2018

Happy September!

I figured to keep the flow going on "weekday themes" from the last post.  Sooo after cake topper Tuesday, comes Wednesday wrappings!  Since it was my best friend's birthday last Monday, I wanted to share a simple gift I put together for her a few birthday's ago.. This gift was very simple as we were spending her birthday traveling norway and the netherlands, I wanted to pack a gift small but also give her something to open while we were on our long flight.   When I was in NY for work, I shopped around 5th Avenue and knew  had to stop by Anthro, I picked up various perfumes for her, and a notebook to write out her goals or traveling adventures with me.  Either way, it was simple, chic, and the scents were perfect for Summer!

I had put the perfume's in a birchbox that I like to get from my coworkers and re-use, lets be honest here, I love their boxes more than the product they put in it >.<.  The yellow box shown was designed from riflepaperco.  As you know, I love getting paint samples from Home Depot, Lowes, or even Walmart to pair with gifts or with crafting cards.  So the paint sample shown above was perfect to cover the birchbox logo and paired very well and the crafted card was perfect as it complimented the notebook, again paint sample crafting  at it's finest!  It was a small gift, but a good one :) . Speaking of buying Anthro goodies, did you buy anything good during their LDW sale?  If not, they still have an additional 20% off sale going on!

Here's the gift I crafted up last year for my best friend! As you can tell, she loves pink!

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