happy halloween{time}!

October 31, 2018

I forgot to mention in my blog post yesterday on top of everything that's been going on I purchased an annual pass for Disneyland's both parks late this summer.  Since then, i've already made my money's worth and have gone over 10+ times.  Once back from my travels earlier this month, I knew I had to go back to both parks and enjoy all the Halloween decorations.  I adore all the little details and theme'd decor for each land in the park, it gives me so much inspiration for crafting!

On top of the decorations, I did a little afternoon tea at Disneyland called "Trick Or Tea" that i'll be sharing soon!  Till then here's a few little tricks and a treat from my few visits these past weeks..

The Mickey Mouse Mummy treat was perfect!  There was so many Pumpkin flavored desserts such as beignets, churros, cookies, cupcakes etc.. I am not a very big fan of Pumpkin flavored desserts with the exception of Pumpkin Pie (during Thanksgiving).  The only bummer that I wish I had experience is the Guardians Of The Galaxy Ride in the evening (they change it to a different version after 4pm).  Maybe next year!

Even though I did not have time to craft up cards this year see the previous years here -
2014: Happy Owleen
2016: boo! Happy Halloween.
2017: snail mail Mondays: happy halloween

It's crazy to think that November is literally tomorrow and the Holiday decorations at both parks will officially be up by next week.  Now if only we were blessed with Fall weather and it can stay in the low 60's every day and 40's at night.. YEAH RIGHT.

Happy Halloween my pumpkins! XO

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