happy thanksgiving from our home.

November 22, 2018

Happy Turkey day my pretty swans.

I hope all your hearts are warm, and tummies are full!  Today M and I hosted our very first Thanksgiving luncheon with my family.  Since my siblings and I have all moved out we always spend Thanksgiving and Christmas at my Mom's.  My mom suggested for me to host Thanksgiving this year, and that she would bring on over the ham.  With a lot of prepping and planning, it turned out to be such a success and hope to host more years ahead.

M took care of the turkey, gravy, and the baked mac and cheese (his speciality) and I took care of the rest of the side dishes- brussels sprouts w/ bacon, cornbread mushroom stuffing, and scalloped taters. Along with responsibility of side dishes, I also did a little decorating and literally kept all my fall stuff out from Halloween.  Are you proud of me? I didn't put out Christmas things yet! Well, I haven't really had time to >.<.

You all already know by now that i'm all about the little (extra) details.  With help from a talented friend and baker cousin, these little touches made Thanksgiving so much more tasteful ;)

I had gotten a custom menu done by a good friend aluxecontraband.  I had sent her my set menu earlier this week, and made some minor changes.  The menu was free handed and the little leaves and half wreaths just really add that Autumn/Fall touch.  Not to mention it just looks so delightful and sets the tone for our Thanksgiving feast.

Along with the menu, I had requested a homemade apple pie from scratch from my sweet cousin Leanna. When she dropped off the pie, Oh. My. GOODNESS.  The pie looked so beautiful, full, flaky crust, everything!  When it came for dessert time, I made sure to warm up each slice of apple pie before serving, and topped it with with a small scoop or two of vanilla bean ice cream and paired it with pour over coffee's ;). It was the perfect way to end the family meal. 

Everyday i'm thankful but it's always something about today, where the presence of family and significant other really validates the good vibes and love with one another :)


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