merry christmas from our home to yours!

December 25, 2018

Merry Christmas pretty swans!

Yesterday was spent with my side of the family, and ended the night with the sound of heavy rain drops and cuddles.  This Christmas morning felt like a lazy Sunday as I slept in till 11am (THIS NEVER HAPPENS). For once, I felt fully rested and ready to take on the Holiday festivities. We typically have brunch with my family and M usually cooks his signature dish, fried rice.. But this time he'll be making a rice noodle dish.  Did I mention our brunch is always Filipino/Asian food?!

I had started Christmas decorating after Thanksgiving, and made the decision that I was going to do the smaller tree this year instead of the full sized one like last year. Since we've moved into a new place I wanted to focus on decorating the living room, console near the dining table, and our little white console in the middle. It came out simple, but enough to bring Christmas cheer!

{I love the flow of the different reds, even the Alice print matches!}

{instead of a tree topper I added 2 big ornaments at the top}

{4 frame ornaments, for each year we've been together}

{a photo during our anniversary trip in November in the mountains}

I knew since last year that I wanted to make the theme white and red.  I had won a giveaway last year from Gracie & Marie and instead of using them as garland to hang on a shelf or wall, I wanted to hang them down on the tree.. All the bell ornaments shown are from a friend from the dollar store!  The glitter white pine cones are from Target that i've re-used every year.  I'm so happy with how the tree came out and I can't believer there's 4 frame ornaments!  I think next year we may out grow the small tree, but i'm still going to use it maybe for swan ornaments only?  Or Owls? Who knows! But it never hurts to have 2 Christmas trees.

See how I decorated mine and M's place previous years -

Have a great Christmas day!

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