snailmail monday: first of 2019.

January 21, 2019

During Christmas gift shopping last month, I came across these small greeting cards.  One of the little cards had a quote that said "your future looks bright" in gold text.  I loved the simple quote and wanted to incorporate it into sending friends a lovely little note, some snail mail to open for the new year!

I was given cute little "hello" greeting cards from target and wanted to pair the both together with a little washi tape.  The gold envelope lining gave it that extra little touch.  I made a good handful and sent them off on January 2nd.  I'm sure it was a great little 2019 surprise in the mailbox.  Everything including postage stamp costs $4.00, to send to about 8+ lovely gals.

I'm really excited and want to be constant with snail mailing this year as I have about a handful of penpals.  It's always nice to write things by hand, & look forward to checking my actual mail box (amazon packages don't count!).

What hobbies do you want to keep constant this year?

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