mossy bench treehouse part one.

April 26, 2019

Okay, seriously i'm turning 31 in just a few days.  How did this happen?  All I remember is I was prepping everything last year for my 30th birthday with M and also planning a really special Merry Unbirthday Tea and now it's been a year?!

Last year was really one of the best, one for the books.  As repeated numerous times M and I have the same birthday but we're a few years apart (he's older).  Last year I knew I had to make it one of the best as I was reaching a milestone in womanhood, and I just want M to have great birthdays especially with us being together.  Last January 2018, I was already planning and looking at different campgrounds (believe it or not!), then I came across treehouses..  A treehouse.. who stays in a tree house? UMMM ME! It's a great opening for me to get used to the outdoors and it'll help me ease with being with nature (as i'm not a big fan, but now am open to it!).

After doing a brief search on hipcamp (airbnb for nature), I came across this one, and the rest was history...

This treehouse is located in Northern California deep within the redwoods and mountains in an area called Mossy Bench/Beach, the closest main city is Santa Cruz but small towns are surroundings.  The tree house is located in Flipjack Ranch where a lovely couple have a bed & breakfast, farm, distillery,  and have built a treehouse for guests to stay.

Inside the treehouse has running electricity, different areas (bedroom with a king bed/living room),  WiFi, an outdoor shower along with a compost toilet, and my favorite- a wrap around deck.  One of the workers on the farm called this treehouse the "Cosmopolitan (las vegas) rooms of treehouses" and I couldn't agree more.  It was so cozy, roomy, and beyond comfortable.

I had so many moments where M would catch me happy sighing and smiling because the experience was perfect and beyond our expectations.  Shown in the last photo is the coffee and tea that was severed every morning for us which was separated from the home booked breakfast we received walking down to the farm every morning, i'll be sharing the food in a second part post ;)

Since staying here, it's opened me up more to being adventurous with M, we've hiked a few times last year and even stayed at a cabin  in the mountains on our anniversary late last year.  I can confidently say 2018 was more about trying new things and hopefully this year we can continue to do more.

Just in case here are the links:
Flip Jack Ranch:

Side note: getting to the treehouse is a bit challenging if you are not comfortable driving really narrow roads that have sharp turns, there is also no cell phone reception once going up the Redwoods.

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