happy friday, happy haunts!

September 06, 2019

Can we all agree that this week was odd, or that it went by fast?

All of a sudden labor day is over and i'm seeing PSL ad's everywhere as well as sweater weather on my instagram feed, even though it's 103 outside?  Let's slow down on the heavy knits LA, as it usually cools down after Halloween.  When it comes to Halloween one thing is for certain, Halloween is in full swing at Disneyland now starting today!  This month and next month i'll be sharing the afternoon Halloween Tea from last year, and the afternoon tea this year that i'll be attending with the theme of the 50th Anniversary of Haunted Mansion.

Speaking of the Haunted Mansion, it truly is one of my favorite attractions. The main reason is the exterior the huge upstairs porch with the old white wicker furniture, the green articulately iron that wraps with the pillars and blends in the the perfectly laid palms and plants that pair so perfectly with it.  The wallpaper in the entryway that takes you back to the early 1900's, etc.. I can endlessly keep going!  But as we know for Halloween, Disney transforms the mansion into a Nightmare Before Christmas theme which makes me love the exterior even more!-

Can we talk about the wreaths that are hung in every opening on the upstairs?  To the perfectly bended black and white striped ribbon that has a Jack Skeleton eske to it?  I can keep going, but it's detail is so impeccable, which makes me really appreciate and favor this ride and puts me in a spooky mischievous mood!

I also enjoy this time of year for so many reasons, this is truly the start of the summer sun fading and cool brisk weather rolling in, daylight savings ending, the decorated themes and the upcoming Holidays which makes time so much more festive.  I'm already planning out on how to decorate Halloween cards, and will start decorating the house. Now the most important questions are...

1. Which food am I going to try in the Disney Parks Halloween Guide?
2. What Halloween candy will be I be putting in my vintage dishes, goodie bags, and to give out?!

Happy Haunts darlings!

Also, check out the Halloween Time decorations they do on Main Street USA here. XO

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  1. LOVE. ALL. OF. THIS. I'm not-so-secretly hoping for a wreath tutorial from you one of these days <3