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September 02, 2019

happy long weekend everyone!

This weekend was spent mostly with M's family since his father is visiting from Texas, along with brunch and shopping with a close friend!  The LA county fair started this week, but I am in no rush to go since it's going on for a month, and it's been SWELTERING hot lately.  While the County Fair has many rides, games, and fried food there's also another traditional aspect that his always showcased but forgotten... Competitions!

Like in any fair that we see in the movies, or T.V. shows, there is actually different competitions and contests such as: best american pie, chilli cook off, best BBQ recipe, etc..  A few years ago at the Orange County Fair, I stumbled upon one of their hangar's on the fairground with amazing AC, and came across the showcase of their tablescaping competition.  Tablescaping you ask? Basically, it's a competition for the best table setting.. and OH BOY THIS WAS SOOOO UP MY ALLEY!

I loved the section the table settings were showcased it was very DIY and so themed with the pastel colored antiqued chairs and big cut out utensils.  I spent a good amount of time in that area, since there was such little detail to everything.  Especially the handmade lace vintage tablecloths, and tea cup sets in each table as well as the placecards, to the little figures by the dinner plates or tea cup.  Each table had a different theme and traditionally speaking there was a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.

Right next to it was the best jam competition, as well as best chocolate chip cookie.  Now, the question is.. how do I become a judge or taste tester :P

Did you go to the fair this weekend?  If so, I hope you stayed cool!! XO

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