wednesday wrappings: pink twine & polka dots

September 18, 2019

While we're busy "adulting" and being responsible twenty and thirty somethings.. We forget about the things that make us happy.  Something as simple as crafting cards and wrappings gifts can instantly make my day and mood 100% better.  I constantly have to remind myself it's the little things that keep me grounded (and sane). This past weekend I had the pleasure of having afternoon tea at the Tea Rose Garden with my good friend S.  Since I had missed celebrating her birthday last month, I made sure to put together something sweet for her to open.

I loved how pattern oriented it came out!  The pink twine was actually recycled from the birthday gift S. gave me in April! The craft wrapping paper is from ikea, and I warn you- you will be seeing alot of this wrapping paper in different patterns since I have plenty of rolls!  The pink washi tape is from Daiso, can't get enough of that $1.50 goodness.  Lastly, the little gift tag is from a craft book I got 2 years ago for Christmas!  

Speaking of Christmas.. crazy to say, I've already started accumulating a little pile in my office of Christmas gifts that i'm itching to wrap.  I keep telling myself that I need to craft and decorate for Fall/Halloween first, before celebrating Santa and his elves ;)

Have you done your Halloween decorating already? 

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