happy thanksgiving.

November 29, 2019

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving yesterday with family and friends!  This year was M and I 2nd year hosting Thanksgiving at our home.  I really hope we can make it a tradition and host every year with my family, and hopefully with M's family too! This year seemed very simple, I really just wanted to cook the traditional dishes.   When it came to decorating the table, I had spent a few dollars on getting decor at the Target dollar section, and picked up flowers from The Home Depot (price comparable to Trader Joe's).  Everything else like the flower vases, mini cake stands, and ceramic pumpkins i've already had on hand.  I spent about $15 altogether with Tablescape items and it came out pretty well!

When cooking the dishes M and I divided right down the middle.  M was in charge of the Turkey, Mac & Cheese, and Gravy.  I took on cooking the Stuffing, Corn, and Fried Onion with Green Beans.  Instead of sticking to the plain recipes, I added bacon, turkey broth, and veggies to the stuffing.  With the Green beans, i've added mushrooms and made a roux sauce to spread over prior to putting the fried onions on top to brown in the oven :)  For dessert I just bought costco cinnamon rolls, i've never bought them before but they always made my mouth water when passing by them, OH BOY it did not disappoint!  I served the rolls with coffee and everyone loved them!  12 rolls for $8, it was better than cinnabon!

After my family left, I told M I was incredibly thankful for him and for our Thanksgiving lunch.  Something about being older and being able to host it for my brothers and Mom is really rewarding. I don't plan to do much shopping this weekend, but I do plan on continuing the Thanksgiving festivities with more family and friends.  Cheers!

See our Thanksgiving at home last year here.

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