rainy day afternoon tea.

February 25, 2020

This past Saturday we finally had some rain.  Well, maybe on and off sprinkles.  The weather was in the low 60's and rain was scattered on and off throughout different cities.  With the weather being this way I thought it'd be the perfect day to have afternoon tea. Plus, I try my best to go once a month ;)

My friend to whom I was spending Saturday with mentioned she's never gone to the four seasons tea room in Sierra Madre. If you know me well, this is one of my favorite tea rooms because the location is actually a house (& not in a plaza), and the scones are my absolute favorite. With the moody rain, and gloomy weather, catching up during afternoon tea was the perfect way to spend Saturday!

We both went all out and got the Royal afternoon tea which was a 4 course meal.  I'm always so satisfied as it starts off with a delicious spring salad with the yummiest vinaigrette.  After the salad is served in the beginning.. they bring out the tea sandwiches with edible flowers, following is the mouth watering fresh scones that they serve warm (right out of the oven!), and ends with little petite desserts that are easy to take home, since our tummies would be so full by then.

I've been to this tea room on so many occasions but have only shared it one other time here on the blog.  I even had rented out their garden outdoor area for my 25th birthday that I still have yet to share >.<.  I love this little gem of a tea room and can't wait to already go back :)

How did you spend your "rainy" day weekend?

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