friday flowers.

April 17, 2020

I'm very thankful for this time and each day i'm trying my best to focus on doing the things I haven't had time to do and solely focus on taking care of myself. As mentioned in my previous post, I haven't been going out as much only to grocery shop and weekly trips to the post office. My best friend did mention to me a few days ago that some grocery stores have stopped stocking bouquet of flowers and plants, that shipments have stopped coming to some stores..

I've been wanting to buy flowers for my place to add a little brightness and cheer.  But let's be honest, it's not really essential to go out and buy flowers.  Since I am staying home and saving money, I thought it'd be best to craft up some flowers to brighten up my quarantine days.

I had had a paper flower set from paper source for many years and haven't opened it up. I thought after doing a little work, i'd spend the rest of the afternoon crafting up flowers and i'm so glad I did!  It definitely brightens up the space and adds a little extra to the dining table as well.

The colors also worked out perfectly as it blends in so well in one of my consoles and dining room table. Another thing I've been trying to do daily is write letters, since April is National Letter Writing Month!  I have plenty of snail mail to share soon, as well as cards that i've been including when dropping off goodies to loved ones.

Have you done any crafting lately??!
Have a great weekend XO

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