anniversary traditions: 2 years

December 23, 2016

While in Dallas last month, M's brother recommended a place for Antique Shopping.  I was on a search for a few things: bookends, Christmas trinkets, and possibly an ornament to fulfill the tradition.  There was so many good things!  Not to mention, all the vintage Christmas decorations.  I told M if I knew there was going to be this much good stuff, I would of brought an empty carryon!  I found a small handful of goodies, we managed to find not one, but two ornaments!

{vintage owl ornament}

{vintage black iron frame ornament}

{autumn in Texas}

After roaming around all morning and afternoon, M wanted to show me this bridge close by to his parent's house.  The bridge was the perfect place to snap a photo to place into our ornament.  This time, I actually printed the photos in Walgreens and simply picked them up one day during lunch.  Yes, one hour photo still exists!  I was jokingly telling M that I can fit up to 5 ornaments for our tradition on the Christmas Tree, but he insists we get a bigger one next year.  Mmmm, maybe a new tree next year is a good idea, since the owl ornaments keep growing!  We'll see!

see our first ornament here.

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