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wednesday wrapping: alyce's gifts

Happy May pretty swans!

Surprisingly I only saw 2 *NYSNC memes today.. but it's still early so I'm sure more will come across my feed. I've made a solid rule for myself that birthday celebrating starts before Taurus season and ends when Taurus season ends.. The past 4 days have been birthday busy but the birthday celebrating will continue for the next few weeks as I have a birthday trip coming up with M, and my annual merry unbirthday tea. While we're on the subject of birthdays, I have good friends who have close birthdays to myself.  I spent yesterday with a friend who's birthday is 2 days after mine!  Since she loves to paint, write, and calligraphy it was only so fitting to wrap her gifts like this-

I had mentioned to Alyce that the last time I had wrapped a gift was probably Christmas and I forgot how it felt like to wrap gifts/craft >.<.  (This is to show you how busy work has been). It was very therapeutic, we all get caught up in adulting, but it feel…

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