a birthday gift for myself: craftcation

May 09, 2017

Late last year my cousin introduced me to Dear Handmade Life, and the event they throw yearly called Craftcation.  My cousin and I were interested in going for a day, but the more we looked into it it was a "all or nothing" type-deal.  With my cousin not being able to go all the days, due to her work schedule I looked into it. Once I saw the different classes and workshops they offered, I was instantly sold.  It happens that the event would land on my birthday and not to mention M's birthday too.  With M's full support I saved up my money and at the beginning of this year I bought my ticket.

Craftcation started a day before my birthday.  I requested my days off work, packed my bags, and did a solo road trip by myself to Ventura. I spent a day and a half by myself and was lucky enough to catch up with an old friend to whom I used to work with in Santa Monica Anna (pre birthday celebration took place).   M took the train and met me the afternoon of our birthday.  I continued on with classes, workshops, and seminars during the day and we explored the beaches and downtown during sunset into the evening. We were really lucky on weather as it was in the high 70's mid 80's.  It was perfect California Beach Weather!

Going somewhere like Craftcation by myself was much needed.  It felt so great to surround myself with so many creative women, who are just striving to make it for themselves, but who are not selfish and want other makers to succeed as well. The classes ranged from photoshop classes, to weaving, to typography to indigo dying etc.  The seminars included a lot of successful creative women who shared their own struggles and what platforms to use to succeed in selling their creative product.  I seriously can go on and on with what i've learned, but I figured I should just show you rather than type it out ;)

A few days during Craftcation they would have an old VW van or a big vintage school bus take us all to lunch into downtown Ventura, we we enjoyed the architect and views of City Hall.  They had cute mexican blankets laid out, and even little workshops to create your own sunglass case, and a DIY for a cute little air plant terrarium. It was definitely alot of working and learning, but all in the name of leisure and passion!

Cheers to a celebration filled with growing and endless on-going reach to success!

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