weekend endings: sunny afternoon tea

February 18, 2019

I've been LIVING in this weather.  Cold mornings, cozy nights, and multiple rainy days.  My rain boots are finally getting some wear from having them on a few times a week.  I know things get messy, and traffic happens more when it rains, but we REALLY needed the rain.  I've been busy with work and typical adulting duties, but this weekend seem to be a little more chill.

Saturday morning a dear friend took me for a stroll through the Huntington Library or as she and Ali Wong would like to call it "Adult Disneyland".  We enjoy going early in the morning, when it's empty and so quiet that you can hear the different birds chirp.  It was especially nice this past weekend as it rained the day before, so the trees and grass were a little bit greener and a bit more brighter ;).  We decided last minute to see if there was any opening at their Tea Room in the Rose Garden, and Open Table blessed us with a 10:45am reservation.

The last time I had tea at Huntington Library was about 8 years ago, where the tea sandwiches, scones, and dessert were all in the middle of tea room and buffet style.  Modern times are different now, as there is no buffet, and everything is ordered off the menu.  I still loved it, and I would totally go back and try the assortment of black teas that they offer.  My favorite tea sandwich from there would have to be Chicken sandwich, and their little bite size quiches.  Although, my MOST favorite from there would have to be the jalapeno cheddar scones, i'd like 10 please!

How would you like your afternoon tea treats?  Sweet or Savory????

Have a great week pretty swans!

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  1. i’m a savory girl, but wouldn’t mind ending a tea sesh with a fresh fruit tart or cheesecake-type of pastry!