snail mail club

April 01, 2020

Happy April everyone!

Prior to us staying safe at home, I headed over to a local paper shop a few towns over and joined their monthly Snail Mail Club.  I didn't really know what to expect, but after sitting there for the first few minutes and having Kelli give us some insight, I knew this was a club i'll be joining and attending monthly (once things go back to normal)!

If you don't know, 3-4 years ago I joined the L.W.A. (Letter's Writers Alliance) and became a member. Sadly, they closed up shop/club this year, since then I've been wanting to join and be a part of  some type of Pen Pal/Snail Mail club.  Having to stumble upon this Snail Mail Club was perfect timing and I'm so thrilled to have met the lovely women there, because now, I can write letters to them too since we've all just have a little extra time on our hands ;)  ANNND can I just mention, I'M SO THANKFUL THAT THE POST OFFICE IS STILL OPEN. Long live snail mail!

After snail mail club, I did some retail therapy as Kelli had a little pop up with her snail mail kits, and browsed around the paper shoppe to pick up a few things to send to friends during this time.  I'll be sharing those things once I have them all together, and ready to mail out!

I've been making trips to the post office once or twice a week to send out snail mail or check my PO BOX. Taking little trips like that, does make the biggest difference and makes me look forward to something (even if it's so little).

I'm hoping the next snail mail meet up will be in May :fingers crossed: if it gets delayed, it'll be fine, it will just be something else to look forward to in the later weeks or months to come! 

What have you been looking forward to daily or weekly?

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