baby shower invites.

August 10, 2016

I worked with a lovely gal named Erin last year.  When she got engaged she instantly asked me if I can do her save the date cards.  At first, I was very intimated as I only really crafted with physical things vs. letter press, or printing.  I let Erin know that I couldn't do her save the dates and regretted it.  Fast forward to now and being the sweet gal she is she got in touch with me asking if I can make her baby shower invites for her family.  I instantly said YES and got to work!

What I loved about it is Erin gave me the free range to put together anything I wanted.  E gave me the information of what needed to be on the invites, but everything else was in my hands.  What was even better is that she shared her pinterest board for this occasion which gave me more confidence in putting together her invites.  Below is the finish product -

I knew I had to input floral's cause that's E's style.  I made sure not to put in girly colors, but not keep it so traditional "baby boy blue".  I didn't want to clutter everything on one page so I double sided the invites.  The front was the important info (time, date, location), everything else was put on the other side.  Since the other side of the invites were so plain, I added a few washi tape patterns, and silver seals to add the finishing touch.  I was going to add some things to the envelopes, but I didn't want to get carried away.  Simple and cute was the motto I was going for, and I think it came out great!

I packaged everything in rae&ella style, and sent it off.  The day that E received the invites I was incredibly nervous but she instantly reassured me and loved it.  I wasn't able to go to her baby shower but I will be sending over love!  Cheers to baby boy slowey!

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