a 1924 hotel.

September 25, 2014

Traveling and celebrating took up most of my Summer between- Long weekends, 4th of July, and of course Birthdays. Every year I always sit down with Trisha and ask her what theme she would like for her birthday. Previous years it was the Great Gatsby, the year before that was Stars & Stripes. This year she wanted a Coco Chanel theme. I instantly thought simple colors: Black, White, Pink. Trisha confirmed she wanted  to do black and white, very simple, very elegant. She let me know she wanted her party at the Culver City Hotel. We got all dressed up in black and white dripping in pearls and diamonds. We ate cake and drank until the early morning here a few stills from the party! I apologize for the low quality in photos- the lighting at the hotel was very dim!

{The hotel is in a classic flatiron shaped building}

{Tall white candles compliment the custom quilted cake}

{Black & White patterns as birthday decor}

{Custom Cat Chanel masks for props}

The cake was of course done by TC. It was a simple quilted Chanel cake, lemon flavored with strawberry filling. It looked amazing with the tall candles and was extremely delicious. I crafted up little props for us to take photos with, along with decor for the table. I will be sharing that with you in my next post. It was the most simple yet elegant birthday I've done so far, can't wait to see what i'll be crafting up next year!

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