crafting for coco.

September 26, 2014

In my previous post was all about the location and the actual party. Prior to the party, I spent a few weeks figuring out what I can craft to display, use for props, and add finishing touches to the dessert/table setting. Since I knew the color scheme was Black & White, I knew I needed to add the iconic Chanel sign all over and everywhere (but not over do it). The first thing I thought of was making cat masks to use for props and photo ops. I used a template from a card I received during Halloween from Paper Source. I had jewels that I've gotten as a gift to craft with, I knew those would be the perfect accent piece to add on the cat masks. The Chanel logo on the right hand side was from Etsy. They have such a great selection in printables!

{handmade cat masks}

{handmade thank you tags}

{black and white accents and accessories to wear and decorate with}

TC made the cake that you saw previously, along with a dozen custom Chanel sugar cookies. I knew I wanted to make handmade tags, while re-using the printables from etsy, and a Merci stamp from Paper Source, with a template of the tag worked out perfectly for the little giveaways. As for other little things, I got the paper straws from Michaels, fabric ribbon to wrap the cake stands and jars from Walmart. With managing my time and planning this out, it all worked out perfectly!

All this black and white talk is sure making me think of Halloween ideas now, with a splash of orange of course! ;)

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